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Consent Decree e-Library

Consent Decree e-Library



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This electronic Consent Decree e-Library contains NACWA's substantial collection of municipal wet weather consent decrees and enforcement orders. Most major federal consent decrees are included, and a select number of state orders are included as well. All documents include the full text of the identified decrees/orders, and some include relevant appendices/attachments.

The e-Library can be searched in a variety of ways:

  • Search the e-Library by using existing categories, or customize your search by using the search box.
  • To search by existing categories, please check one or more of the boxes identified (for EPA Regions, States, or specific search terms) and click the Search button.
  • To create your own customizable search, enter any word or phrase into the search box, indicate whether you would like to search for all words in the phrase, any words in the phrase, or the exact phrase, and click the Search button. You can further refine this search by checking any of the boxes for existing search terms – i.e. do a search for decrees/orders containing a custom search term within a specific number of EPA Regions or states.
  • To retrieve all documents in the e-Library without any search filters, leave the search box blank and all boxes unchecked and click the Search button.

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