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Energy-Water Nexus


Clean water helps drive our economy. Without water, power plants can’t generate electricity and other producers require a consistent intake of water for their energy-development needs. Water and wastewater treatment are significant energy users as well. The water-energy nexus is where many cross-cutting issues meet: utility energy use and the reduction of the municipal carbon footprint; the energy sector’s role in water conservation and efficiency; and, of course, the growing importance of a dialogue between the private and public sector on these complex issues that will help shape our future energy policy. While many of these issues are addressed in the context of developing a sound climate change policy, this is an arena that NACWA expects to see a dramatic growth in over the coming years.




11/15 Clean Water Current  

Energy Workgroup Meeting to Help Advance POTW Energy Generation

11/07 Clean Water Current  

Water Associations Deliver Energy-Water White Paper to DOE

11/01 White Paper   The Energy-Water Nexus: A Plan for Collaboration Between the Department of Energy and the Water Sector  
09/12 Clean Water Current   Green Power, Legislative Update Slated for Energy Workgroup Discussion  
09/12 Clean Water Current   Water Sector Groups Meet with DOE Secretary Moniz  
09/06 Clean Water Current   NACWA Advocates on Energy Bill  
08/22 Clean Water Current   NACWA Weighs in on Key Energy, Biogas Issues  
08/01 Clean Water Current   Water Sector Groups Advance Energy-Water Nexus Discussions  
07/28 NACWA Letter   NACWA and Water Organizations Letter to Secretary Moniz   
06/06 Clean Water Current   DOE and NACWA Discuss Programs to Assist Utilities with Energy Efficiency & Production  
05/13 Clean Water Current   DOE Better Buildings Challenge Launches Wastewater Infrastructure Accelerator  
04/25 Clean Water Current   Senate Passes Energy Reform Bill  
04/25 Clean Water Current   CHP Opportunities for Clean Water Agencies Highlighted in Webinar  
01/29 Clean Water Current   NACWA Supports Energy-Water Nexus Provisions In Senate Energy Bill  




07/24 Clean Water Current   Biogas Stakeholders Discuss Barriers & Opportunities with USDA, DOE & EPA  
05/01 Clean Water Current   Energy Workshop Examines Barriers to Increased Production  
03/20 Clean Water Current   Association Members Engage in Department of Energy Wastewater Workshop Members Only
03/13 Clean Water Current   Energy-Water Nexus Discussed at Advanced Energy Economy Institute Members Only




12/05 Clean Water Current   NACWA, Others Ask for Clean Power Plan to Recognize Utility Contributions Members Only
12/01 NACWA Comments icon-pdf Joint Water Association Comments on EPA's Proposed Clean Power Plan  
11/07 Clean Water Current   NACWA Participates in Waste-to-Energy Discussions at DOE Workshop Members Only
08/01 Clean Water Current   NACWA Focuses on Energy Issues with DOE, Atlantic Council Members Only
07/11 Clean Water Current   Wastewater-Derived Transportation Fuels Approved for Renewable Fuel Standards Members Only
04/18 Clean Water Current   Utility of the Future Partners Brief EPA on Energy Analysis Members Only
04/18 Clean Water Current   DOE Requests Comments on Renewable Energy Loan Proposal Members Only



11/22 Clean Water Current   Johnson Foundation Report Focuses on Water and Electric Utility Collaboration Members Only
10/25 Clean Water Current   USDA Biorefinery Assistance Funding Available to Some Clean Water Agencies Members Only
08/23 Clean Water Current   NACWA, Member Agencies Participate in Johnson Foundation Meeting on Water and Electric Utility Collaboration Members Only
05/31 Clean Water Current   Utility of the Future Concepts Discussed with Key DOE Staff Members Only



11/30 Clean Water Current   NACWA Participates in WEF/Alliance to Save Energy Workshop Exporing the Water-Energy Nexus Members Only
11/30 Clean Water Current   Presentation on Energy Production at POTWs Is a Highlight of New Total Energy Conference Members Only
06/08 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf Letter to EPA on Contained Gas and Regulatory Status of Biogas Members Only
05/25 Clean Water Current   NACWA Highlights Wastewater’s Energy Potential in Senate Hearing Statement Members Only
05/18 Clean Water Current   NACWA Discusses Energy Potential in Wastewater at Congressional Biogas Briefing Members Only



03/02 Clean Water Current   Bingaman Introduces Clean Energy Standard, Biogas Is Qualified Clean Energy Source Members Only
12/15 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf Region 5 Approval of Biosolids Pellets as Non-Waste Fuels  
05/06 Clean Water Current   NACWA Hosts Meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing for Municipal Sector Members Only
04/15 Clean Water Current   Senate Holds Hearing on Natural Gas Fracking Operations; NACWA Survey Closes Members Only
03/17 EPA Memo/FAQs icon-pdf Regulating Natural Gas Drilling in Marcellus Shale Under the NPDES Program  
03/07 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf EPA Region III Letter to PA DEP  



05/14 Member Update   Whitepaper on Biosolids Energy Opportunities Members Only
05/07 Clean Water Current   NACWA Discusses Clean Water and Energy Issues with GAO Members Only



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