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Combined/Sanitary Sewer Overflows


Although clean water agencies have made significant progress in reducing combined and sanitary sewer overflows (CSOs and SSOs), overflow control remains a significant cost for communities and a priority enforcement area for EPA. NACWA is working to ensure reasonable implementation of the CSO Control Policy and the development of a national policy for SSOs. Watershed based approaches and green infrastructure are important components in CSO and SSO management and NACWA advocates for consideration of these innovative management methods. NACWA is also working on national practices for management of collection systems.

For more information on NACWA’s legal activities and litigation related to Combined/Sanitary Sewer Overflows, please visit the Legal Resources key page.

Please visit this page for resources on the Great Lakes legislation - Section 428 of the FY 2016 Senate Interior-Environment Appropriations Bill.




NACWA Letter

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Clean Water Current

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