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Infrastructure Funding


Cities and communities nationwide need to repair, replace and rehabilitate their aging and failing pipes and plants and build new infrastructure to comply with increasingly complex regulations to protect public health and safeguard the environment. The funding gap between what is now being spent and what is needed for capital projects in our communities – and the potential consequences of further inaction – is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Simply stated, there is an unprecedented consensus that the nation's rivers, lakes and streams will face irreparable harm if we fail to act now.



12/13 NACWA Letter pdf button NACWA Transition Letter to President-Elect Trump  
11/14 Clean Water Current   WRDA Path to Passage Clarifies, Still on Track for Lame Duck Action  
11/07 Clean Water Current   Urban Waters Grant Opportunity Announced  
11/07 Clean Water Current   EPA to Host Disaster Recovery & Resilience Mitigation Webinars  
11/07 Clean Water Current   WRDA Advocacy Heats Up  
10/31 Clean Water Current   Water Groups Press Forward on WRDA Advocacy  
10/31 Clean Water Current   Coalition Weighs-In on FY17 Spending Priorities  
10/25 Clean Water Current   NACWA Continues Strong Advocacy on WRDA  
10/25 Clean Water Current   GAO Report Highlights Water Infrastructure Challenges  
09/12 Clean Water Current   Senate Closes in on WRDA Passage, Attention Shifts to House  
09/06 Clean Water Current   Full Senate Poised to Consider WRDA & Advance NACWA Strategic Priorities  
08/24 NACWA Letter pdf button NACWA Letter to Clinton Campaign  
08/24 NACWA Letter pdf button NACWA Letter to Trump Campaign  
08/01 Clean Water Current   Association Provides Municipal Voice to Water Infrastructure Financing Discussion  
07/11 Clean Water Current   NACWA Leads Coalition Letter Encouraging House Consideration of WRDA Bill  
07/05 Clean Water Current   Momentum Builds for Senate Consideration of WRDA Prior to July Recess  
06/27 Clean Water Current   Senate EPA Appropriations Bill Addresses Great Lakes CSO Notification Issue  
06/20 Clean Water Current   Volunteers Sought to Review WIFIA Application Materials  
06/20 Clean Water Current   Association Leads Joint Effort in Support of WRDA 2016  
06/20 Clean Water Current   Senate FY17 Appropriations Restores CWSRF Funding, Supports Integrated Planning  
06/13 Clean Water Current   Senate Leaders Request Utility Help to Advance WRDA  
05/31 Clean Water Current   Association Comments on Tax Exempt Bonds Changes  
05/31 Clean Water Current   NACWA Stormwater Proposal Included in House WRDA Bill  
05/31 Clean Water Current   EPA Reviewing Clean Water Funding Mechanisms  
05/24 Comments pdf button Coalition Comments on Tax Exempt Bonds Changes  
05/23 Clean Water Current   Infrastructure Week Highlights Importance & Needs of Water Sector  
05/09 Clean Water Current   New Report Examines Benefits of SRF Green Project Reserve Spending  
05/02 Clean Water Current   Senate Panel Advances Water Infrastructure Bill with NACWA Priorities  
04/29 Briefing Notice pdf button Congressional Briefing on Water and Wastewater Rate Affordability for Low-Income Ratepayers  
04/28 NACWA Letter pdf button NACWA WRDA Support Letter  
04/26 Legislation pdf button Water Resources Development Act of 2016  
04/26 Legislation Summary pdf button Water Resources Development Act of 2016 Section by Section Summary  
04/25 Clean Water Current   SRF Funding Takes Center Stage on Capitol Hill  
04/11 Clean Water Current   Senate Focuses on Affordability & Infrastructure Investment  
04/11 Clean Water Current   NACWA Weighs in on Legislation to Triple Authorization for SRFs  
03/28 Clean Water Current   Association Provides Testimony on FY17 Appropriations  
03/28 Clean Water Current   White House Summit Shines Light on Sustainability, Infrastructure Issues  
03/28 Clean Water Current   NACWA Weighs in on Flint Crisis & Infrastructure Investment  
03/21 Clean Water Current   House Democrats Submit $4 Billion SRF Request  
03/14 Clean Water Current   CWSRF under Attack – Contact Congress Today!  
03/07 Clean Water Current   SRF Funding Letters Circulating in Congress  
02/29 Clean Water Current   Congress Considers Flint Aid, New Water Bills Introduced  
02/19 Clean Water Current   Water Infrastructure Network Discusses Infrastructure Investment Issues  
02/12 Clean Water Current   Administration’s Budget Signals Shift in Water Investment Priorities  
02/12 Clean Water Current   Senate Hearing Raises Infrastructure Investment Concerns  
02/05 Clean Water Current   Bipartisan Water Funding Bill Introduced; Seeks Key Low-Income Study  
01/15 Clean Water Current   Survey Reaffirms Clean Water Needs, Underscores Data Collection Flaws  

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