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Biosolids Management/Incineration


Biosolids are a valuable byproduct of the clean water process and this nutrient-rich resource is in demand for soil enhancement and fertilization nationwide. NACWA is working to ensure municipalities continue to have a suite of options for biosolids management available to them.

For more information on NACWA’s legal activities and litigation related toBiosolids Management/Incineration, please visit the Legal Resourceskey page.




05/13 Clean Water Current   Congrats to DC Water on the Launch of Bloom!  
05/13 Clean Water Current   Kern County Biosolids Litigation Moves Forward  
05/02 Clean Water Current   NACWA Leads Collaboration against Farming Standard’s Ban on Biosolids  
03/14 Clean Water Current   NACWA Discusses Impending SSI Deadline With Enforcement Officials  
03/07 Clean Water Current   SSI FIP Provides No Relief, But Some Helpful Clarification  
01/21 Clean Water Current   Biosolids Committee Discusses Legal, Regulatory Developments  
01/15 Clean Water Current   NACWA, WEF Raise Concerns with ATSDR Review Of PBDEs  
01/14 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on ATSDR's Draft Toxicological Profile for PBDEs  
01/08 Clean Water Current   Pennsylvania’s High Court Delivers Major Victory In Biosolids Land Application Case  




12/04 Clean Water Current   NACWA Meets with Air Office Chief on SSI Rule  
11/20 Clean Water Current   FDA Finalizes Produce Safety Regulations  
10/16 Clean Water Current   SSI Members Discuss Compliance Agreements, More Time to Comply with Air Rules  
10/09 Clean Water Current   Response Sought from EPA on SSI Petition, Federal Implementation Plan  
10/05 NACWA Letter icon-pdf Letter to J. McCabe on Petition and Status of the FIP key
06/12 Clean Water Current   NACWA Highlights Implementation Challenges in Comments on SSI Federal Plan  
06/11 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on proposed Federal Plan Requirements for Sewage Sludge Incineration Units  
01/09 Clean Water Current   NACWA Files Briefs in Biosolids, Stormwater Litigation key



12/05 Clean Water Current   Utility Leaders, Nationwide, Express Concern with Whole Foods Policy key
12/05 Clean Water Current   Regulatory Status of Struvite Discussed with Key Office of Water Officials key
12/04 NACWA Letter icon-pdf Utility Directors Letter to Whole Foods on Biosolids key
11/07 Clean Water Current   Court in Washington State Delivers Major Biosolids Victory key
11/07 Clean Water Current   NACWA Seeks Public Agency Member Signatures on Bisolids Letter to Whole Foods key
10/17 Clean Water Current   NACWA Concerned by Anti-Biosolids Policy at National Grocery Chain key
10/03 Clean Water Current   NACWA Files Brief, Continues Advocacy on SSI Issue key
08/01 Clean Water Current   NACWA Requests Republication of Biosolids Legal Opinion key
06/06 Clean Water Current   NACWA Pushes Back On Biosolids Land Application Ban key
05/27 NACWA Petition icon-pdf  Petition for Administrative Stay and Reconsideration of SSI Rule   
05/02 Clean Water Current   NACWA Continues SSI Advocacy with Brief Challenging EPA Solid Waste Rule  key



11/15 NACWA Comments icon-pdf NACWA Comments on FDA Food Safety Regulations  
03/01 Clean Water Current   Oral Arguments on Incineration Rule Challenge Set for May 3 key
02/17 NACWA Letter icon-pdf NACWA Letter in Kern County Biosolids Litigation key
02/15 Clean Water Current   California Court Upholds Injunction on Biosolids Land Application Ban key



12/07 Clean Water Current   NACWA Submits Final Brief in SSI Litigation key
11/09 Clean Water Current   NACWA Continues Lead Role in SSI Litigation key
10/26 Clean Water Current   EPA Files Brief in SSI Litigation, NACWA to Respond key
08/10 Clean Water Current   NACWA Files Brief in Biosolids Land Application Case key
07/27 Clean Water Current   NACWA Files Opening Brief in SSI Legal Challenge key
06/01 Clean Water Current   NACWA Files Second Legal Challenge on SSI Issue key
05/18 Clean Water Current   NACWA, WEF Recognize NBP Certification for Knoxville Utilities Board key
04/13 Clean Water Current   EPA Issues Formal Denial of SSI Rule Reconsideration, NACWA Pivots to Legal Challenge key
02/24 Clean Water Current   NACWA Provides Input on Solid Waste Rulemaking, Confirms Regulatory Status of Biogas key
02/23 EPA Correspondence icon-pdf EPA Clarification on Contained Gases  
02/22 NACWA Comments


NACWA Comments on Proposed Revisions to EPA’s Nonhazardous Secondary Materials Rule  
02/10 Clean Water Current   EPA to Deny Reconsideration of SSI Rule, NACWA Legal Efforts to Intensify key
01/06 Clean Water Current


NACWA Meets with EPA Deputy Administrator, Urges Agency to Reconsider Incineration Rule key

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