2016 Leadership Retreat

NACWA's November 15-16 Fall Strategic Leadership Retreat provides a unique annual opportunity for the Association's Board of Directors and standing committee, workgroup, and task force leaders to engage in strategic discussions and plan for the new year. Our dialogue this year will be more important than ever as the Association prepares for a new Administration in Washington and all of the changes the transition in government will bring.  

As a NACWA leader, we urge you to plan now to attend. There has never been a more critical time for you to share your perspectives, engage in strategic discussions, and position the Association for future success.

Board of Directors, Board Committees to Meet

Our time together in Washington will also include our fall Board of Directors Meeting on November 16 – and meetings of two Board committees and a task force. Board Members are asked to review the Retreat agendaand consult the Board Committee Roster before making travel plans. We look forward to convening our fall Board of Directors Meeting at Alexandria Renew Enterprises in their new LEED-certified and Energy Star-efficient Environmental Center.

Tuesday, November 15

  • Awards Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Leadership Retreat
  • Leadership Social Event

Wednesday, November 16

  • Dues Structure Review Task Force
  • Leadership Retreat (continued)
  • Board of Directors Meeting