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Educational Materials (Wipes)


Educational Materials

  • Don't Flush the Baby (Wipes) and lyricsicon-pdf – an original song by Steve Anderson, Water Resources Analyst, Clean Water Services
  • City of Vancouver — “Smart Flush Bunny” Postericon-pdf and Advertisementicon-pdf
  • City of Tacoma — “Flushable? Think again...” Postericon-pdf
  • Clean Water Services’ “Can the Wipes”, with links to a “Wipes Clog Pipes” poster and a short cartoon about proper disposal of wipes.
  • Orange County Sanitation District’s “What 2 Flush”  Includes information about wipes and many other products that can cause clogs and damage the environment.
  • Portland Water District (Maine) – with their mascot, “Stopper the unflushable!,” a link to a bill stuffer, and a summary of an interesting partnership with the local university that helped blanket public places with toilet details.
  • Anaheim Public Works – “The Toilet is NOT a Trash Can!” article in the Fall 2012 Recycle Anaheim newslettericon-pdf (page 2)
  • CCCSD Wipes Clog Pipes Postcard - "Wipes Clog Pipes"icon-pdf 
  • City of Seal Beach Classes and Activities Flyer - Classes and Activities, Fall 2013 icon-pdf


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