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NACWA Members Shape National Environmental Policy

The emergence of NACWA as a nationally-recognized leader in environmental policy and a sought-after technical resource on water quality and ecosystem protection issues has paralleled the maturation of the nation's most successful environmental law - the Clean Water Act. NACWA was established in 1970 by a group of individuals representing 22 large municipal sewerage agencies. They came together to secure federal funding for municipal wastewater treatment and discuss emerging national interest in improving the quality of the nation's waters. Based upon the shared goal of effectively representing the interests and priorities of publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs), they formed NACWA - the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

In the quarter century that followed, the Association grew and its interests diversified. Today, NACWA is a dynamic national organization, involved in all facets of water quality protection. Viewed as a key stakeholder in both the legislative and regulatory arenas, NACWA has built credible, collaborative relationships with members of Congress, Presidential administrations and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Recent years have reflected heightened involvement in a broadening array of environmental laws and regulations that include the entire scope of ecosystem issues encompassed under the "umbrella" of watershed management, among them nonpoint source pollution control and the protection of air quality and endangered species.

Clearly, NACWA has met the goal of its founders and continues to pursue every opportunity to develop and implement scientifically-based, technically-sound and cost-effective environmental programs.

NACWA's active membership, prominence as a nationally-recognized leader in environmental policy, and close working relationship with Congress and EPA, will undoubtedly allow it to help shape the course of environmental protection into the next century. Like you, NACWA's members consider the protection of water quality to be their mission and their mandate. This is your invitation to consider membership in NACWA – a unique opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your agency, enhance professional development, and achieve goals and objectives you share with other POTWs across the nation.


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