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NACWA works on all aspects of utility operations and wet weather.  The Association advocates on behalf of the clean water community for responsible policies relating to issues such as sewer overflows and land application that will enable utilities to best serve their community while continuing to improve the environment.

Air Quality

The operations of clean water agencies must comply with applicable regulations of the Clean Air Act.  NACWA is committed to helping members understand the regulations and ensuring that regulatory changes are appropriate for wastewater utilities.
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Biosolids Management/Incineration

Biosolids are a valuable byproduct of the clean water process and this nutrient-rich resource is in demand for soil enhancement and fertilization nationwide.  NACWA is working to ensure municipalities continue to have a suite of options for biosolids management available to them.
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Combined/Sanitary Sewer Overflows

Although clean water agencies have made significant progress in reducing combined and sanitary sewer overflows (CSOs and SSOs), overflow control remains a significant cost for communities and a priority enforcement area for EPA.  NACWA is working to ensure reasonable implementation of the CSO Control Policy and the development of a national policy for SSOs.  Watershed based approaches and green infrastructure are important components in CSO and SSO management and NACWA advocates for consideration of these innovative management methods.  NACWA is also working on national practices for management of collection systems.
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Toilets Are Not Trashcans Campaign

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Pretreatment professionals at clean water agencies play a vital roles implementing the National Pretreatment Program to protect wastewater treatment processes and the environment  from industrial and commercial pollutants.  Pretreatment programs are also increasingly asked to perform other pollution prevention activities.  In addition to its advocacy work on behalf of member agency pretreatment programs, NACWA organizes an annual National Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention Workshop.
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Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff is a growing environmental concern in communities throughout the nation, and many clean water agencies are participating in stormwater management activities.  NACWA advocates for reducing adverse water quality impacts from stormwater through improved and innovative management techniques such as watershed approaches and green infrastructure.

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