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Planning for Decontamination Wastewater: A Guide for Utilities is the first national publication to explore the potential impacts of wastewater generated during the response to, and cleanup of, a chemical, biological, or radiological (CBR) terrorist attack. Wastewater security efforts to date have been focused largely on protecting the physical plant, its knowledge base, information technology and employees from a direct attack. Equally, if not more likely, is a scenario in which a wastewater utility is challenged indirectly by a terrorist attack on other targeted community assets.

Planning for Decontamination Wastewater: A Guide for Utilities (Guide) was developed by NACWA under a cooperative agreement with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Guide is intended to increase the level of awareness within the wastewater community and provide guidance on how to ensure that wastewater infrastructure is protected in the event of an attack. Hard copies can be ordered through NACWA’s online publication page.

This e-Library provides live links to many of the resources and references used in the development of the Guide.

  • Information Updates
    Contains 14 links, last updated on 04/12/2006
    These sites related to decontamination wastewater can link utilities to additional resources and updates.

  • Ongoing Research
    Contains 4 links, last updated on 04/12/2006
    Several organizations have ongoing research projects or technical efforts related to or that will ultimately inform the issue of decontamination wastewater

  • Bibliography
    Contains 36 documents/links, last updated on 04/12/2006
    NACWA is providing a central repository for many of the resources used in the development of Planning for Decontamination Wastewater: A Guide for Utilities. This is a partial listing of the sources cited in the Guide that are currently available online to the public.

Many of the resources cited here are copyrighted documents and users should respect any applicable copyrights

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