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2016 NEAA Award Information & Application

National Environmental Achievement Awards


NACWA is now accepting nominations for the 2016 National Environmental Achievement Award (NEAA) program recognizing individual and Member Agency achievement.  The NEAA program honors individuals and Member Agencies that have made significant contributions through outstanding advocacy or innovative projects that positively impact the environment, their utility, their community, NACWA, and/or the clean water industry.  Categories for the NEAA Individual Achievement Awards include: Public Service, Distinguished Service, and Environment.  The Agency NEAA categories include: Water Resources Utility of the Future, Research & Technology, Operations & Environmental Performance Award, Public Service, and Public Information & Education.


Get Recognized – Apply Today!

NACWA would like to acknowledge those individuals and Member Agencies that continually strive to make a positive impact on the environment.  It is through the National Environmental Achievement Awards program, that we celebrate those outstanding individuals and innovative Member Agency programs and initiatives that exemplify environmental stewardship and a dedication to the clean water industry.  Applications must be received by NACWA’s National Office no later than Wednesday, Septmeber 30, 2015.


How Will Honorees Be Selected for Recognition?

Each National Environmental Achievement Award application will be reviewed by NACWA’s Awards Committee in November 2015.  The NEAA recognition program is non-competitive.  Each nomination is judged individually based on eligibility and criteria.

Individual and Agency winners will be recognized at NACWA’s 2016 Winter Conference at the Westin San Diego in San Diego, CA, February 21-24, 2016; with the exception of the Federal NEAA honorees, who will be recognized during the National Water Policy Forum & Fly-In, at the Westin Washington DC City Center, April 11-13, 2016.



Contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Director of Membership Development at 202/833-1449 if you would like additional information.  Review a complete listing of past NEAA honorees or the 2015 Award Winning Applications as you consider your submission.







  • Member Agencies may submit no more than one National Environmental Achievement Award nomination per category. In the case of the Public Information and Education Award, one nomination may be submitted from among the four categories (Video, Printed Publication, Educational Program, E-media) encompassed by that award.

  • Only NACWA Public Member Agencies may submit award nominations.

  • Each nomination shall be endorsed, via signature on the application form, by the nominating Agency’s NACWA representative.

  • National Environmental Achievement Award nominations involving multiple Association Members working collaboratively must be endorsed by each of the participating Members in order for each of the Members to receive awards.

  • Applications will be reproduced for each member of the Awards Committee and should not be bound or faxed.

  • Applications are due by September 30, 2015 to NACWA, Attention: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 1816 Jefferson Place, NW, Washington, DC 20036. A confirmation e-mail will be sent upon receipt of your agency's application.








Individual Award Nomination Checklist

  1. Completed Nomination Form
  2. Completed Application Entry Forum with NACWA representative signature
  3. Individual Narrative (See application guidelines)

Agency Award Nomination Guidelines

  1. Completed Nomination Form
  2. Completed Application Entry Forum with NACWA representative signature
  3. Project/Program Narrative (See application guidelines)
  4. Project/Program Supporting Material (if desired/relevant)

Program/Project Supporting Material Guidelines
Supporting materials are not required; limited additional materials will be accepted.

  • Supporting materials such as reports, photographs, sample marketing materials, and DVDs should be supplemental to the information described in the Program/Project Narrative.  (i.e. The Program/Project Narrative should fully describe the nomination without additional materials.)
  • It is expected that applicants for the Public Information & Education Award category will submit a sample of the video, printed publication, e-medium or educational program material to support their application.

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, September 30, 2015.




Public Service Awards
The Awards Committee shall accept and consider nominations for two categories of Public Service Local Awards.  An award may be given for current elected or appointed officials in service area of more than 250,000; and a second award may be given to current elected or appointed officials that have a service area population of less than 250,000.

Former or current elected or appointed public officials at the local, state, and federal level of government.

Outstanding public service exhibiting a particular and continuing awareness of the challenges faced by NACWA Member Agencies.

Distinguished Service Award

Individuals formerly serving as the designated representative of a NACWA Member Agency who maintained an active role in the Association during their tenure.

Efforts and dedication to the clean water industry while representing their agency.

Environment Award


Outstanding environmental service.






Water Resources Utility of the Future Award

Agency, district, utility, or authority that best exemplifies the qualities, characteristics, and practices of the Water Resources Utility of the Future.

Demonstrated bold, transformational community leadership in managing valuable resources, partnering in local economic development, and engaging stakeholders in their watershed resulting in environmental, economic, and social benefits. Examples of such leadership are exemplified by activities or initiatives that reclaim and reuse water; extract and identify commercial uses for nutrients and other constituents; capture waste heat and latent energy in biosolids and liquid streams; generate renewable energy using land and other horizontal assets; and, use green infrastructure not only to manage stormwater, but also to improve urban quality of life.

Research & Technology Award

Development of a technological innovation related to wastewater treatment, wastewater conveyance, stormwater management or biosolids/sludge use and disposal.

Research project or technological innovation must directly relate to the processes of collection, treatment or reuse of wastewater, stormwater, or use or disposal of biosolids/sludge.  Project must have been conducted in-house, or by consultant under direction of the Member Agency.  Project results must have practical application.

Operations & Environmental Performance Award

Outstanding project, system or method relating to wastewater treatment, wastewater conveyance, stormwater management, and/or environmental enhancement.

Innovative and effective project, system or method relating to environmental compliance or environmental restoration developed and successfully implemented by a Member Agency in a cost-effective manner while achieving environmental compliance objectives.

Public Service Award

Significant contribution during the past year in local, state, or national public service related to public utility operation or environmental protection.

Involvement must be by Member Agency staff or commissioners (directors, chairs). Public Service shall not be required by regulation or law.

Public Information and Education Awards (one nomination per Member Agency)
Video/Printed Publication/Educational Program

Outstanding and innovative video, printed publication, and/or educational program related to pollution prevention or control.

Program, publication or video must have been produced by the Member Agency staff or by an outside vendor at the express direction of the agency. Program, publication or video must encompass some aspect of the agency’s operations, benefit the public educationally and have been produced for general use or distribution. Annual Reports are not accepted in this category.


Outstanding Member Agency website, social media presence or campaign, or downloadable, web-based program that relates to wastewater treatment, wastewater conveyance, or pollution prevention and control.

Website, social media presence or campaign, or downloadable, web-based program content must have been developed and produced by agency staff or by an outside vendor at the express direction of the agency. Nominations will be judged based upon 1) the timeliness of the content; 2) the quality of graphic design elements; 3) organization and/or searchability; 4) innovation and originality; and, 5) ease of use.






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